Tuning Group Buys
Jacksonville, FL

Hey everyone, RALLInspired is looking to do a group buy for tuning in the Jacksonville, FL area. If you can get five or more cars we will offer 15% off the tune only. You will need all the necessary hardware and software for your car, tuning Mitsubishi Evo via EcuTek, Tactrix, and Cobb AP as well as, most other Mitsubishi’s like Lancer, Outlander or Eclipse with Tactrix. GTR, Nissan, BMW, Mazda, and hundreds of other applications also with UpRev, HP tuners, ECM Link, etc etc etc. We now support thousands of ECUs so if you or someone you know is interested in tuning a non Evo ask us.

Tuning Options

Live Remote Session with me (Kevin) in the car and Rick (Pro Tuner) remoted into my laptop to tune the car. Unless we are tuning with Tactrix you will need to bring your own hardware for tuning.

In Person Session, Rick will fly out from Cali and tune the cars in person here in Jacksonville, FL. With this option there will be a travel cost (split between everyone) so he can fly out. If you are tuning with Cobb AP, bring it, other wise Rick has everything with him to tune the cars with Tactrix, UpRev, HP Tuners, EcuTek etc.

Tunes will be road tune unless everyone agrees to split the cost for a dyno.

Supported Vehicles!!!!

Base Pricing without 15% discount

Tactrix NA tunes are $299

Tactrix turbo tunes are $349

Cobb AP tunes are $374

UpRev and EcuTek tunes for NA are $299, Turbo $349 License needed for both $300

HPTuners tunes for NA are $299, Turbo $349 Credits needed for both $50 per credit.

Travel Cost is to be determined if votes favor for In Person Session and a date is set.

Some Add-on Features and Accessory program depending on the car and tuning type.

Pops and Bangs (Backfire)
Flex Fuel
Dual Map
Launch Control
CVT Patch
DRL Disable
Independent Fogs
Auto Door Locks
CEL Disable

If you are interested and voting, please vote below then send us email HERE with your name (or group of names) with your year make and model car and preferred tuning, i.e. Cobb AP, Tactrix, EcuTek etc.

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