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by jeff on RALLInspired
2012 evo x fbo stock turbo

1st of all i brought the car to rick with super bad idle flex fuel wasn’t installed properly check engine was on and a lot of issues going on with the car..i myself was considering trading it in already and lost hope of having my evo back..but after rick did his magic the happiness that i had was unexplainable. he had done extra work that wasn’t scheduled considering i was late for almost 2hrs on my appointment. custumer service was great had explained everything happening in my car that even a person that has limited knowledge with cars will understand. definitely recommend him to everyone i know here in the bay area tnx rick

by Manny on RALLInspired
Evo X Tune

If you’re on this page, you’re taking a step in the right direction. Rick and Kevin are great people to work with. Rick’s tuning and overall knowledge is amazing when it comes to anything automotive. He is the only person I trust to touch my car from here on out. I’m glad I met the guy and had him tune it. The car is so smooth and is quite a bit quicker. I highly recommend him for anything small such as a diagnosis to a full build. He really knows his stuff! Ask any of his customers and they’ll all vouch for him!

by Justin B on RALLInspired
Tuned Outlander Sport

I’ve been driving around with my tune for about a week now and I’m very happy with how it has my ’18 outlander sport running. I’m basically stock + the ECU tune. It’s given me what I describe as much finer pedal fidelity and punchier no matter where my needle is on the tach. They’ve definitely taken away or minimized the feelings of rpm deadzones and pedal delay. My mpg’s for city driving have gone up a little bit too. Even though I’m not building a crazy race car, I can totally recommend this for creating a nice smooth daily driver.

by David on RALLInspired
Tune and installations

Spoke with Kevin and was very helpful in setting up an appointment to bring the car in for rick. Rick is always informative on what he is doing and take the time to explain everything. Great service from the guys at Rallinspired. The project progression system is also a nice feature to have so the customers arent wondering the status of thier car. Overall very pleased with the service.

by Adonis on RALLInspired
My experience with Rick

Before I start this review i just want you guys to know I never do
these btw.
Rick is an over the top outstanding class act person.
The communication when we met up before tuning my vehicle was phenomenal. He mentioned features, what he was going to be doing, and took special request on my end. I’ve been to 5150, Dr boost and KT Motoring and never felt the same experience as I did with Rick. I was referred to by a good friend and I will never look back again.
Most would say road tunes are expensive considering you can get for what he charges the same on a dyno. Remember, good labor ain’t cheap and cheap labor ain’t good. You don’t get what you just pay for you get more than that. Thanks Rick for tuning my Evo X brotha ! He has the knowledge, tools and skills to be able to tune your Evo into the next level. If you ever have any questions feel free to contact me on IG @ad0mis 🙂

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