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Posted by Rick Barcena 8 months ago

Exciting News for our Tuning Community!

As we continuously innovate and strive for excellence, we’ve dived deep into developing for new platforms, including the Mitsubishi Colt, Pajero, and more. Not just that, we’re pioneering developments that have never been witnessed on previously on other Mitsubishi platforms before and we’re bringing over requested features seen in older generations!

To fast-track these groundbreaking advancements and to give you unparalleled features, we’re introducing subscription-based updates. This new system isn’t just about updates—it’s a commitment to innovation. Your subscription:

  • Supports Rapid Development: The funding will propel our projects to market at an accelerated pace.
  • Shifts our Focus: With your support, we can direct more energy towards R&D, and reduce our reliance on direct-to-consumer tuning.

You have two amazing ways to support this initiative:

  1. Subscribe for monthly tune updates, ensuring your systems are always ahead of the curve.
  2. Donate whatever you can to fuel our mission.

Join us in revolutionizing the tuning landscape. Every contribution counts!

3rd tier and above patrons will get exclusive behind the scenes updates on what we’re working on and a chance to offer suggestions and vote on what we should focus on!

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