We In Korea Again!!!

Posted by Rallinspired 7 years ago

It’s amazing what happens when customers take the time to listen to advice and follow through. Here’s another LIVE TUNE happening right now for yet another customer from Korea. This has been a project in works for months. Built motor, upgraded turbo, and STOCK CAMS (don’t ask, i have no idea why), tuned on pump gas. You can see the before with the previous tuner, and then after following my suggestions and then retuning for mostly the same setup. 2009 WDM Evo X MR and corresponding SST related settings tuned via… wait for it… COBB ACCESSPORT!! It’s all in the tuning, not always the method.

Time to work on the METH MAP. I’m pushing for upgraded cams ASAP. LOL.

Another fine setup brought to you by Red9ine Performance (Car & Part’s) and RALLInspired Calibration Testing.

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