4G Mode 23 – Vidoes

Posted by Rallinspired 6 years ago

Our Mode 23 (advanced/extended logging) tweaks worked and we have access to more in depth data on this 2007 v6 Auto. We’ve established a base line and here you can see knock sum and fuel ratio. Mods are only an intake and with fuel trims at +12% this car is running very lean in closed loop areas but overly rich at high load/full throttle.

This car is bone stock other than an intake. We picked up 10whp and TQ with mild tuning. It will be attending a road course track day so we can’t get too aggressive with it. One thing that doesn’t show up on the dyno graphs is the increase in response and shifts across gears. We’ve tuned some important tables related to the auto trans and the customer commented on how much quicker and smoother it shifts compared to before the tune. He will likely be adding more mods now that we have access to the ECU. Not seen here is that we’ve also disabled the p0421 code that’s been nagging for quite some time now.

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