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      Let’s keep this simple. This is a 2011 lancer es 2.0L manual transmission 4b11 with throttle body, evo X cams (installed here in house in 3 hours), injen intake, with the stock catalytic converter and my tune.

      We picked up 36HP up top and 26 pound of torque and more compared to older 2.0L 4B11s with manual transmission

      This 2.0L is now making as much power up top as a tuned 2.4L with stock cams. Stock 2012 2.0 (made more than other 2.0s) in Orange at the bottom, stock 2012 4B12 with mods but no tune in red, this tuned 2.0L with Evo X cams in light blue, and a tuned 2.4L with mods and stock lancer cams in orange at the top. Torque is on the left and HP on the right in these comparisons.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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