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      No cat (catalytic converter) = no torque on your non-turbo lancer right? Well yes, if we’re talking no tune. This is why i recommend a high flow cat instead of a test pipe or “straight” pipe exhaust for this platform if you’re NOT getting a tune done. This 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer came in making WAY LESS torque and about the same peak horsepower compared a stock-ish Lancer CVT. RRM intake, headers, pulley, and a custom test pipe and custom exhaust . Baseline of this car in red, stock cvt lancer in green, and my tune in orange. This car was running too LEAN. Leaner isn’t always meaner no matter what the internet tells you. With proper tuning we had a peak gain of 44lbft or torque and 12hp on this 2.0L. Due to my throttle patch the car will now Rev higher picking up 55HP at red line with this CVT transmission. That’s not to say the car is making 55HP more over peak power, but it is 55HP more AFTER 6000RPMs. Typically, the throttle body will begin to shut at near red line regardless of throttle input. You can see the power graph nose dive after 6000RPM. My throttle patch/tuning approach solves this.

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