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      We baselined this 2009 lancer on the stock tune with only an axle back and drop in air filter on our in house dyno at 145HP and 159TQ. It was the perfect candidate for showing you guys what tuning does on a mostly stock car.

      Here you can see what we do compared to stock timing map plotted in a 3D graph vs my timing map at the bottom:

      Here are peak gains. Meaning highest point in the stock tune vs highest point in my tune. Torque is on the left. Horsepower on the right. We picked up a peak of 26whp.

      Now for the killer. Using my throttle patch and control strategy I was able to pull 49whp out at redline. You can see that the powerband dies out top on a factory tune. This is due to terrible fueling, Mivec, ignition timing, and throttle control with the factory calibrations. Well, not any more!!! We ended with 172whp at redline. Keep in mind this is with a cvt transmission and only mods being a drop in filter and axle back

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