Fuel Injector Clinic Resistor Pack Delete Plug DSM and EVO 8/9



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Fuel Injector Clinic is now offering the FIC Resistor Pack Delete Plug, for DSM and Evo 8/9 only, for customers converting to our high impedance injectors. The newest addition to Fuel Injector Clinics product line, this Delete Plug allows DSM and Evo 8/9 tuners to easily remove the resistor box without cutting and splicing.

Suitable for use with the following injector sets: IS125-0900H, IS125-1100H, IS126-0650H, IS126-0775H, IS126-1100H, IS226-1680H and IS226-2150H

Here’s how it works: Simply unbolt the resistor box from the cars firewall, and unplug it from the wiring harness. Once the resistor box is removed, just plug the FIC Resistor Pack Delete Plug in its place. That’s it!

If you don’t want to cut your resistor box harness, this is the perfect product. Plus, it easily allows the option to plug your resistor box back in if you choose to change your setup.

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