SSP Sidewinder Stage 2 Clutch – 600 FT/LBS Evo X MR



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Not sure if people realize this or not, but until now, all MRs were only able to have 8 clutch disks/steels. Evo X MR owners will now be able to utilize the same advancements in clutch technology that SSP has been using in our 800+ hp Nissan GT-R. This is the highest torque handling EVO X SST 8 plate clutch on the market (600 ft/lbs). This clutch offers incredibly firm shifting while not sacrificing drivability.

Please Note: After installation of this product, the transmission will need to go thru a relearning procedure.


  • Exact OE Fitment (10 plate)
  • SSP Heavy Duty Directional Friction Design

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Weight 10 lbs


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