SSP Titan Series Stage 1 SST Track Package Evo X MR


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This kit is designed for the budget conscious entry level racer. This will ensure you’ll be able to complete your sessions without the dreaded slow down message. The SSP Front mount transmission cooler has been track tested, and customer proven, time and time again, to be the best SST cooler on the market….period.


  • New 3.0 gpm Stealth Black Pump
  • New Premade Hoses
  • Updated Low Profile Transmission Fitting for 2010+ models

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  • This product can only be shipped within the Continental US and will only be shipped via GROUND service.
  • This item is not vehicle specific. It is compatible with a wide range of applications and is therefore displayed on our site regardless of your vehicle selection. Please review the specifications and verify compatibility prior to placing your order.

What’s in the box?

  • SSP Front Mount Transmission Cooler
  • SSP Stealth Black High Flow Mechanical Oil pump
  • SSP Pro Gold Transmission Fluid (8 liters)
  • All necessary lines and mounting hardware
  • New SST Stainless Reusable Filter
  • 1 Setrab cooler and Spal/ shroud fan assembly
  • 1 SSP High capacity oil pump assembly
  • 2 22mm to 14mm reducer fittings
  • 2 14mm to -6AN male fittings
  • 2 14mm x 1.5 banjo bolts
  • 4 Copper washers
  • 1 Cooler assembly mounting template
  • 3 Pre-made -6AN with AN swivel fittings
  • 2 Pump with -6AN fittings installed
  • 1 Power wire/fuse holder
  • 1 30 amp fuse
  • 4 6mm x 1.25 x 16mm bolts
  • 4 6mm x 1.5 Teflon locking nuts
  • 4 Self-tapping pump mounting screws
  • 2 -6AN to 16mm transmission adapters (steel)
  • 6 Zip ties


  • MFGRS. Limited Warranty

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