Posted by Rallinspired 7 years ago

I don’t normally work Sundays but I’m playing catch up this morning before spending the rest of my day with family.
These FIC2150 were sent to me from a customer I tuned earlier this year. It’s a Built 2.3 Evo 9 setup with big turbo and the works on e85. The customer sent me his injectors as a precaution and my goodness this is a really bad case of “black tar”!!! As you can see in the pics, injectors 1 to 3 are really dirty. Watch the video and notice the spay pattern followed by the result of the first test and the particles floating in my test machine. These injectors have been run for less than a year and their condition could have resulted in engine failure. Thank goodness for my customer being cautious about this. If something would have happened who would you be most likely to blame? Most say tuner without understanding there’s more variables than we could ever possibly account for. Will post pics after cleaning for comparison.
THIS is why I started offering test and cleaning services.

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