Productive Day

Posted by Rallinspired 7 years ago

Talk about a productive day. Spent the morning working on etunes, defining Hyundai Gensis ROMs, moving over some patches for an updated EvoX ROM and then updating the customers ECU with some fixes and enhancements. A long time customer dropped off his Subaru for one final tune on a new hybrid swap before it’s picked up by a new owner. Dialed her in nicely on the road for some reliable power on 91 octane throughout the day. Once done we went the extra mile and I had her washed and cleaned up for the new owner. In the middle of all that I had a customer drop of some PTE PrecisionInjectors for his Evo9 and we got those tested and cleaned. Same day turn around. From a 5-8% variance we got them down to within 2% with an average of 5% increase in flow. Now waiting on the new owner of the Subaru WRX and the owner of the injectors for pick ups and delivery before I can call it a night.

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