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The team at RALLInspired Performance has officially grown. Our new sales/orders person is someone i trust with my life and will be helping with social media and customer contact. We will be adding more people to the team over the next few weeks. Kevin Brown and i will still be monitoring this account, as well as our official FB page, instagram, web orders, inquiries, etc. The goal of course is to have some of the easier non technical inquiries be handled by some one else so kevin and i can focus on development, of course the tuning, and higher priority projects including troubleshooting customer issues when and where needed. This is all in an effort to improve our customer service, since 1 or 2 people can’t possibly handle everything that comes up, and to maintain our competitive prices since we have added revenue streams and services. The business is growing and we thank all of our customers and partners for the continued support. As always feel free to check out our site for prices and to order our packages, parts and tuning!

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to drop us a line so we can improve our site or if you have any specific concerns about anything else. As of now we’re tackling tickets in our system. Our goal is to start a wait list for e-tunes starting in 2018 and we want to have all open and current projects finished by the end of the year.

UPDATE for this Blog

Sunday, 3am and still working. Website migration and focusing on internal restructuring. Talk about taking things seriously.

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