Tuned and Fixed

Posted by Rallinspired 6 years ago

Wrapped up a live remote session for a customer who was having a HELL of a time getting his Evo X MR and especially the SST the run right. Two shops tried to e-tune; the first cost him his clutches, per the transmission builder. The 2nd couldn’t get the car to run right. The SST had slippage and shifting issues even with the newly upgraded clutch packs.

There’s a lot to be said for things that can’t be felt or seen on a dyno graph. The car now drives, feels, and shifts smooth as butter, and oh yeah, we made more power with LESS boost and MORE fuel. We “only” lost 10lb ft of torque running 4psi less at peak torque and with less knock.
Another happy customer and another RALLInspired E-Tune in the books. FBOs on 92 octane.

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