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Posted by Rallinspired 7 years ago

Hello everyone,

Many of you already know who I am or have at least seen my name or logo floating around the forums. My name is Rick Barcena and I the owner and tuner for my Company RALLInspired. I am an authorized tuner for BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Scion, Subaru, Toyota, and literally dozens of other Makes and thousands of Models/ECUs. We also offer Apexi Power FC support for most applications and are working hard to expand our stock Ecu support for more makes and models. RALLInspired is the name I chose to call my tuning operation of Mitsubishi and Subaru vehicles once people started taking me and my work seriously. I was and always will be an enthusiast at heart. I started like most others… a laptop, a cable, and diving into work on my own 2006 Evo IX. It took me a full year to come to an understanding of that stock ECU. Trial and error played a huge part into what i have learned and the tuning methods I have developed. I’ve been tuning for over 10 years now having tuned thousands and thousands of cars, and in that time i have been solely focused on providing the best possible service with the latest updates and methods for an honest price. It was never my intention to tune for a living and that’s the approach and motivation I’ve always taken with me. In a world of people who read some “how-to” essay on the internet and want to make a quick buck, the soul of what I do has always remained the same – to help the people with whom I share a common interest. Tuning has always been a hobby, turned passion, and now profession. What started out as me helping and fixing friends’ cars has grown beyond anything I could have dreamed of, and the family of friends continues to grow. My work has taken me down a road I would have never thought I’d walk down leading me to making new friends, acquaintances, contacts, and doing work with and for some big names in the industry.

I have always and will always continue to do things in the same manner that has led to much success. I think of everyone I have tuned or met as a friend, and i treat everyone as I would like to be treated. I will always be here to fix the mistakes of others and those that i myself have done. I do not pretend to know everything, to be “the best”, to have never made a mistake, and I never will. It’s one of the reasons i think i have become so good at what i do and why the word has and continues to spread around about myself. Every tune is different and every tune is a learning and growth experience no matter how many times I have seen and done things. I love meeting new people and making friends and no matter how big or small I am. I will always see myself as just another car guy and I will never forget why and how i started. This is my full time job… i eat, breath, drink, and on occasion dream this stuff. Day in and day out I work hard to better serve the people that allow me to make a living doing something I love. We look forward to serving you all in anyway we can.


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