Flex Fuel beta testing on NA Lancer/Outlander Pt. 2

Posted by Rallinspired 7 years ago

For those of you curious about our ethanol compatibility strategy. Here’s some early numbers for our test Lancer. Our new updates allow for ANY mix of 91 and e85. This was e68 as there were a few gallon of 93 octane still in the tank. What needed for this? Just one of our tunes. 😉 No injectors, fuel pumps, lines or anything else. 93 pump 145hp 149tq, E85 150hp 158tq

WE do recommend injector cleaning to ensure you get maximum fuel and proper fuel spray pattern. We are offering an injector exchange service. We can ship you freshly cleaned OEM injectors for your 2.0 or 2.4L (with deposit) and then ship us back your cores for a refund of the deposit minus the cleaning and shipping fees.

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