No Bueno….

Posted by Rallinspired 6 years ago

Here’s a video of some ID1000 with about 20k miles on a car I tuned 2 years ago. This long time customer wanted me to pull out his injectors, flow test, and clean to make sure things are good… they aren’t. While there is no obvious or visible “Black tar” on the outside of the injectors, flow testing isn’t good. The first video is a straight flow test. The second video is a 5000RPM test and a specific pulse width. As you can see the results are difference in flow are 13-14% in the flow test and 10% in the 5000RPM test. TIME FOR CLEANING and a check of the motor to make sure it’s still healthy followed by some road logging to double check fuel ratios, knock, etc etc.
The motor has been running fine with my tune for this long but it never hurts to check. Cleaning injectors is a critical part in helping ensure Long term reliability. Turn around time is about 1.5 to 2 hours WITH APPOINTMENT for removal, test, clean, and reinstall for most Mitsubishi and other inline 4 cylinder engines. 24-48 hour turn around with mail in. You must fill out some paperwork and send me tracking info with advanced notice.
Will post results after cleaning. Stay tuned…

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