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    Hello all!

    At the current moment i have access to most 2002-2019 Lancers, Outlander, and other Mitsubishi ECUs . What does this mean for you? It means we can access and modify your ECU and optimize the software for things such as increased power, torque, and fuel economy. It also allows detailed diagnosis of mechanical, electrical, and engine management related issues. I take pride in offering advanced tuning options that other tuners do not have access to or do not offer.

    Important links, info, and comparison to our competitors.

    My tunes compared to Works flashes/”tunes”.

    OBD related patches.

    Throttle Patches replacing the need for “sprint boosters”.

    Hardware (tactrix) rentals offered.

    Pricing –


    It generally takes me 2-4 hours to finalize a tune. This is a custom in person tune for your vehicle with data logs being collected on the road.

    Please fill out a “dyno tune” form so that i can gather required information needed for your new calibration and we will contact you to schedule a date and time:


    It generally takes me 2-4 hours to finalize a tune. This is a custom in person tune for your vehicle with data logs being collected on the via our in house dynamometer.

    Please fill out a dyno tune and we will contact you to schedule a date and time:

    E-MAIL / REMOTE TUNING: $299 + Open Port rental (additional fees apply) if needed: (Hardware [tactrix] rentals available. includes USB drive with software and step by step guide. Deposit required. Contact me for details)

    Due to an overwhelming work load, support is offered but limited. Our services include a base file and 3 additional modified ROMs based on data and logs. This only applies for the modifications the base file was intended for. Changing of modifications constitutes a retune and the associated fee for the retune service.

    A simple guide to E-tuning LANCERS is as follows: You would rent an open port cable from me or buy one on your own and install software needed to read your stock Calibration file off the ECU. You will only need to READ the ECU once if everything goes smoothly. You would also take data logs of the car using the EvoScan software so that i can see how the car is currently running on the OEM calibration, and so that i can calculate your horsepower and torque using virtual dyno software. Data logging is simply recording what your ECU is “seeing” and what the car is doing at any given moment. I have certain things i need you to log in certain ways. Next, you send me that information and collection of data, I look at it and make adjustments to your ECU image. Once I’m done, I will send you a few files back including your new tune calibration file itself. You will then install the additional files i sent you that are needed to flash the tune with the cable and software used to read the ECU cal file, flash the ECU, take more logs, and send me that new data. We repeat this process until done.

    Detailed guide to Email/Remote Tuning:


    Renting the cable from us is $25 a week with a $200 deposit which will be refunded when you return the cable minus the weekly charge and shipping.


    For those of you who wish to purchase the hardware instead of renting it from me:


    2. Tactrix 2.0 cable: This allows you to read/write to the ecu as well as log it. For 2008+ CZ4A based lancers you do not need any additional connectors.

    3. EcuFlash software: This is the FREE OPEN SOURCE software i use to read/write/edit your ROM. IF you do not have the required definitions you may not be able to actually “See” your ROM but you can pull it off your ECU. You would send me the ROM and i will send you one back with modifications.


    4. EvoScan Logging software: This is the preferred logger of choice for most tuners when it comes to Mitsubishi. Its $25. You will need to buy this as well and i will need to talk you through what parameters you need to log and send to me.

    EvoScan Software

    5. Wideband: As i said i do things the correct way. Most LANCERS are NOT turbo charged and so a wideband is the only additional external sensor you will need to buy. FOR BASIC APPLICATIONS A WIDEBAND IS RECOMMENED BUT NOT NEEDED. If you had a turbo you would be required to buy an upgraded MAP sensor to allow you to log boost. The Innovate LC-1 is what i would recommend for most of you as it is a “permanent” install. I use another one made by the same company that i can use from one car to the next. You do not “need” to buy the gauge to be able to log your AFRs. Will it be useful to you and look cute sure… but from my end its not needed to tune your car.

    E-MAIL / REMOTE TUNING SUPPORT SERVICES/HELP: $25/hour (1 hour minimum charge)

    Remote support is available and offered at our discretion and for a moderate fee. This includes installation and setup of software, drivers, XML definitions, flashing, tuning, logging, or anything else you may not feel comfortable doing on your own. Please let us know if you are in need of this service ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

    LIVE REMOTE TUNE: $349 Same as the normal e-mail (E-tuning) but doing it live and usally done in 2-4 hours and not weeks. All requirements are the same but you also need constant Internet access to the laptop, constant power to the laptop and TeamViewer so we login to your computer so we can have access to datalog and flash your car. Appointment is Needed.

    ECU MAIL-IN: $299 including shipping (Similar to my OTS in person mappings)

    With this option you will remove your ECU and ship it to us.  Your car will NOT be driveable without an ECU so please be sure to make plans and arrangements while you wait for shipping to us, our tuning/flash process, and then return shipping time.

    We’ve collect enough data from the vehicles we’ve tuned world wide to offer an ECU mail in option. The is the least expensive and most convenient way to pull out some extra horsepower, torque, gas mileage, and response from the vehicle. No need for purchasing any hardware or software. Simply contact us to make arrangements. Send us detailed information such and year, make, model and a list of mods. Mail us your ECU via carrier of your choice. We will confirm when the ECU has been received, update you when the flash is complete, and mail it back to you. Pricing for this matches the the e-tune option and we will pay for return shipping. This does not includes any changes or updates with the pricing. We can and will offer additional support at an additional cost. Contact us for details. For inquiries, questions, of to begin the process please create a ticket here: 


    ECU EXCHANGE MAIL-IN: $299 + service fee + shipping (Similar to my OTS in person mappings)

    We’ve added this option for customers who want the convenience of and ECU mail in but cannot afford to have their car in an undriveable state.  With this option we mail you and ECU first so that you can continue to drive your car around to work, school, etc while you wait for our ECU to get to you.
    For an ECU exchange we will need to know your ECU part number and your VIN number. The ECU part number is located on the white sticker on the outside casing of the ECU. The ECU is under the hood on the driver side between the intake tube and fuse box/ETACs. We also need to know if you want a 100% matching part number.  There is an fee for the exchange service and additional fee for exact part number matching and possibly extended processing time due to other exchanges. We do our best to keep ECUs in stock and if you do not care about an exact match we will ship you an ECU that is 100% compatible that also has the correct/matching software flashed to it, regardless of the ECU hardware number.

    Basic ECU exchanges are $25 (per service/waiting week), exact ECU matches are $50 (per service/waiting week).  For the ECU exchange, we take an additional $250 deposit on the ECU on top of the actual tuning and options pricing. You can paypal this deposit to us directly as we do not have the option listed on our web order site, yet.  We will ship the ECU to you, you simply replace your current ECU with ours, and then ship us back your old ECU.  Once we confirm your old ECU has been RECEIVED AND TESTED to be working, we will refund the deposit MINUS the shipping cost and the weekly wait/service fee.  If you send us the ECU tracking within a week and we confirm shipment you will lock in your final amount at 1 week ($25/$50).  For every additional week that we do not receive a tracking number with confirmed drop-off and outbound shipping confirmation, or the ECU, you will accrue a higher fee up to the total deposit amount.  You agree that regardless of the total fee amount, you will still ship us back the ECU that is owned to us.  We do this to protect ourselves and other customers from delays as we will have to order hardware to replace delayed or non-returned ECU exchange orders.  You are paying for the service NOT the ECU.

    Before you even begin buying anything contact us. We need to know what exact year and model car you have so i can see if i might have those definitions. If i do have something close on file we should be “ok” to proceed. There is also cartain things to must agree to before we begin.

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